1. You can remain happy only when you keep your wife happy- however, surely, it’s a very challenging idea!

2. Promises made to your wife may land you in a lot of Dharam Sankat/dilemma– remember the story of King Dashrath and his queen Kaikeyee!

3. Boring is the wife who receives her husband with a smile every day on his return home, who appreciates any saree brought for her whether she likes it or not, and who does not pull-up her husband at least three times a day!

4. Wives are happy when they are unhappy- so do not take their unhappiness to heart- upto six times a day! She doesn’t want her married life jinxed!

5. Agree with her- but do exactly what you want to do and in case she catches you red-handed, say sorry. Nine out of ten times she may not even remember what she said earlier. Managing and making your wife is an art and not a science!

6. First do whatever she says. It’s simple. Make common sense your friend. The tiger versus mosquito lesson is relevant here: you can not concentrate on shooting a tiger unless you kill all the mosquitoes first! Keep your DO IT NOW pad ready for family members to write down what they would like you to do.

7. Say sorry- whether it is your fault or not- what difference does it make if you say sorry to her even if you think that she is wrong to the extent of 70%. Even if she is wrong to the extent of 99% (very often she is!), say sorry, and she will soon realise her mistake. Between you two it hardly matters who is right and who is wrong-eventually both get hurt. Learn from every incident which makes your wife unhappy- maybe for silly reasons like jealousy/boredom.

8. Smile-it’s an inexpensive way to improve your looks. “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone”, “I had the blues, because I had no shoes, until upon the streets I met a man who had no feet”. Think of all we have to be grateful for, and thank God for all our boons and bounties. Think, thank and smile. Say cheers! A bit loudly please! She may not be able to solve some of your silly problems; so why come home with a grouchy face- remember that she will make it worse!

9. Decision-making is extremely tough and more so for a woman because she cares for you too much. So make and take decisions quickly, for her, when asked for!

10. Follow the Pygmalion way: Pygmalion, a legendary figure of Cyprus in Greek mythology who was a king and a sculptor who had resolved to remain unmarried, but he carved such a beautiful ivory statue of a woman that he fell in love with her and married the sculptor which changed into a woman under the Goddess of love- Aphrodite’s blessing., Pygmalion married Galatea, the animated statue. Once you start thinking that your wife is a very good wife, a very good mother, a very good daughter-in-law, and you keep thinking that way all the time, she will turn into all the things you imagine her to be. Once you make your golden tongue work for you with your mind in the right gear, your wife will become “My Fair Lady”!

11. It is highly unlikely that a man will get a perfect wife or a woman will get a perfect husband. Use your mental knife to cut out your wife’s bad points and you will find her 96% too good to be true!

12. Don’t be a miser- be generous with praise, admiration and appreciation for whatever she does and be prepared for her not reciprocating as generously or as often as you would wish. But don’t overdo it and also ignore her initial surprises!

13. Encourage your wife to flow in limelight- discover her hidden talents and let her take part in social events!

14. Be her ‘punching bag’- she knows that you are the only person in the world who will take her shouting- hence, relax- even when she shouts at you and she will eventually become your profitable partner!

15. All day long she has to tolerate small irritations from the children and the household chores and as soon as you come late from your office, she explodes on seemingly small lapses on your part. Ignore such outbursts and relax. All she wants is more of your time and care/tolerance.

16. Don’t expect gratitude (even) from your wife, because it is natural for people to forget to be grateful. And if you ever get it, consider it a matrimonial medal. Whenever you do something for your wife, do it for the inner joy of giving. Start being grateful yourself for whatever your wife, your children, or your friends do for you and it is only then possible that your wife and the others may get the hint!

17. Learn to say ‘NO’ occasionally. This will be a long-term investment to prove that you are the husband. Fight for the king and sacrifice the pawns.

18. If you want to be happy for a lifetime…… learn to love your wife every minute. And show her that you love her. Tell her mother that you love her daughter!

(Source: Unknown)

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